Bible Society Beginnings

On June 3, 1812, clergy and laity from several denominations formed the New Hampshire Bible Society in Concord, NH “to distribute the Holy Bible, especially among the poor and needy.” Governor John Langdon served as our first president.

The NH Bible Society was one of more than 200 state and regional Bible societies established around the country in the early 1800s. Two hundred years later these societies continue their work to increase biblical literacy and educate about biblical principles and themes in their locale.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ, which is essential for developing a meaningful and creative Christian personal life, and contributes to the building of a moral nation and a just society.

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Historical Purpose and Mission Statements

To circulate more extensively the Holy Scriptures by distributing them gratuitously amongst the poor and needy, and disposing of them at reduced prices.

February 17, 1915

To circulate more extensively the Holy Scriptures, the NH Bible Society may procure and distribute gratuitously among the destitute and needy, or sell at reduced prices,

    • Bibles, Testaments, and other portions of the Scriptures of the present received versions,
    • and such books as help to better understanding of the Scriptures;
    • and in the case of the funds of the Society shall admit, may also aid in translating and printing of the Holy Scriptures for charitable distribution.

October 7, 1992

The NH Bible Society is to further biblical study and reflection through a variety of means [educational programs, Bible distribution, Bible grants, Bible and book sales], so that:

    • The church is empowered to be faithful;
    • Individuals might have faith strengthened for service;
    • And a Biblical vision of reality be lifted up in the larger world.


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